Visa extension via online only

Foreigner travelers seeking to extend their stay in Nepal will soon have to file applications online.

From February 1, the Department of Immigration (DoI) will mandate foreigners wanting to extend their tourist visas to file applications through its website

“Once the application is filed, we will inform applicants when to collect their visas or whether additional documents are required, “DoI director general Sharad Chandra Poudel said. “However, people should report to the immigration authority within 15 days of filing the application, as the system does not preserve requests made prior to that period.“

The latest decision comes few days after making it compulsory for foreigners seeking non tourist visas, except diplomatic and official, to file applications online. Beginning January 20, DoI had made it mandatory for those applying for non-tourist visas, such as business, working, residential and study, among others, to file applications through its portal.

“However, foreigners travelling to Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport have the option of either filing tourist visa applications online or in person once they land at the airport, “he said.

But since the service is only available at the DoI and TIA, travelers arriving from other ports and border points will have to pursue paper-based application process.

Source: The Himalayan Times


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