Jesús Calleja & David Bisbal in Nepal for a noble purpose!

A renowned Spanish adventure traveler - Jesús Calleja and a Spanish Pop singer, actor - David Bisbal visited Nepal to create a filming episode for their travel & adventure show Planeta Calleja, Zanskar and also to support the quake victims.

The team captured the post quake footage of Nepal to showcase the regaining status of the country to be broadcasted in Spanish TV; this will directly help promote Nepal especially after the earthquake. Besides, the team will also be supporting more than 350 families with the relief projects.


Working with Jesus, David and the team, relief materials were distributed at Deplang & Thadi (Dolkha district) to support the quake victims of April & May 2015. The team spent 4 days (15th - 19th September 2015) at the affected area; More than 350 families including children, students and pregnant women were provided with immediate relief, rebuilding materials and some financial contribution. Here are some images of the relief support.